How To Pick The Right Crane For Your Project

How to pick the right crane for your project

Here is how can you pick the right crane for your project
Pick the right crane: Cranes are efficient machines and are essential for different industries. Primarily, cranes are used in the manufacturing, construction, production, power and energy industry. If you have a requirement for the use of a crane for any project, there are certain things that you need to learn before arriving at t…

Interfaith Food Bank Society of Lethbridge

Interfaith Food Bank Society of Lethbridge
Equipment used: 33 ton crane
Operator: Ron Slawosky
Rigger: Brennan
Project: To pick up, deliver and place a large rock at the Lethbridge Food bank in Alberta

In September 2014, Stampede Crane & Rigging, a div. of TNT Crane & Rigging Inc., took on a project that required the crew to go to a local farm on the southeast side of Lethbridge,…

Merry Christmas from All of Us at Stampede Crane & Rigging

Grove Crane Barrel For Tank Hoist

75 Ton Grove For Barrel Tank Hoist
Stampede Crane Lethbridge recently dispatched it’s 75 ton Grove Crane for a barrel tank hoist in Taber AB. The tank has a 30,000 barrel capacity and weighed in at 60,000 lb. which required the Grove crane and Stampede crew to use a four point pick to safely hoist the barrel.
The job went smooth and the project manager was happy with Stampede’s planning.

Crane Dispatcher Position – Calgary Alberta

Power Transmission Crane Lift (8)-980

Crane Dispatcher Position – Stampede Crane Calgary Location

Stampede Crane (a division of TNT Crane Canada) has been providing customers with the capacity to move, lift, and raise materials for over 30 years. We strive for excellence in everything we do, consistently finding ways to take our business to new levels of performance. With safety always, we provide the equipment you want, when…

Enerplus – Medicine Hat – Vessel Hoist

Enerplus – Medicine Hat – Vessel Hoist
Stampede Crane & Rigging (a division of TNT Crane Canada) transported a vessel utilizing a tandem lift to place a 30,000 lb vessel on structural steel. The project was implemented for Enerplus on October 24, 2013. The delivery and tandem lift utilizing a 75 Ton Link-Belt, a 65 Ton Grove and a freight truck. The project required some critical lift…

300 Ton Crane – Altalink Project AB

Transmission Tower Erection
Stampede Crane and Rigging (a division of TNT Crane Canada) sent out their 300 Ton Crane to support Altalink on the erection of a transmission tower. Thanks to Ed Belder for providing some great photos of the project!

Crane: Leibherr LTM1300

Customer: Altalink

Location: Langdon…

Stampede Cares – Alberta Flood

Stampede Cares – Alberta Flood 2013

Looking back it’s pretty crazy to consider what the cities of High River, Calgary, Medicine Hat and other smaller communities went through this year. We witnessed some horrific flooding that affected many homes but never dampened the Albertan spirit. It’s something we look back on, and we are thankful that everyone was safe. We can see that life is…

Hoisting Chiller Units with Hydraulic Crane at the Medicine Hat Hospital Expansion

Stampede Crane Hoisting Chiller Units With Hydraulic Crane at the Medicine Hat Hospital Expansion


Stampede Crane & Rigging (a division of TNT Crane Canada) hoisted chiller units with hydraulic  crane a the Medicine Hat Hospital Expansion for Crystal Services. the General contractor on site is Stuart Ols0n Dominion with a projected finish date of 2015 for the project. T…

Stampede Crane Lifts Mobile Home after Alberta Flood

As we are all aware of the flooding in Alberta, and the damage it did to thousands of homes, many homeowners were faced with difficult repairs and reconstruction.

Following Stampede’s values of caring and teamwork, many services were donated to aid in the rebuilding of homes. In this particular case, a 40 ton picker truck and a 60 ton Linkbelt truck crane were used to lift a mobile home into…

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