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Omega Morgan 215,000 lb Vessel – Four Crane Lift Lethbridge

| Apr 25 / 14

Omega Morgan 215,000 lb Vessel

Stampede Crane & Rigging Ltd., (a division of TNT Crane Canada), worked along side Omega Morgan to place a 215,000 lb vessel bound for Fort McMurray on April 16th, 2014. Implementing a four crane lift Lethbridge, the lift required an  equalization bar and four keenly focused operators to successfully hoist and load the vessel on a specialized rig.

In order to get the vessel onto the carrier rig, Stampede Crane had to hoist the vessel over 18′ in the air to clear the cab and keep the driver safe. The lift went off without a hitch and we safely assisted getting the vessel to it’s final home in Fort McMurray.

Another great job pulled off by the Stampede Crane & Rigging crew! Job well done.

Customer: Omega Morgan

Project: Hoist and Load a 215,000 lb vessel

Equipment Used: 75 Ton Grove, 75 Ton Terex, 100 Ton Linkbelt & 65 Ton Grove

The Crew: Bob Macodrum on the 75 ton Grove, Randy Russell operating the 75 ton Terex, Joel Parker operating the 100 ton Linkbelt and John Alexander was operating the 65 ton Grove

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Stampede Crane & Rigging is a division of TNT Crane & Rigging Canada.