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Material Hoists for Construction

At Stampede Crane and Rigging, we can assist with installing a variety of types of material hoists for construction purposes. Our rental cranes have a variety of uses in the construction industry that include aiding in the setup of construction hoists. We have experience as a service provider to the construction industry in Alberta that dates all the way back to 1980 and our services have aided in the success of hundreds of hoisting projects.

Crane and Hoist Rentals for Alberta Construction

Regardless of whether your construction project is in building, infrastructure, or industrial work, it is useful to know where to find the best crane rental services for your Southern Alberta development. Stampede Crane and Rigging provides crane rental services for a variety of types of construction work throughout Calgary and the surrounding cities. Some of the types of mobile crane rentals that we provide for construction sites in Alberta include:

  • Picker trucks
  • Hydraulic all terrain mobile cranes
  • Rough terrain cranes
  • Crawler cranes

Each type of mobile crane is suited to perform hoisting duties for different types of construction operations. Whether a job requires a quick, small lift or a comprehensive crane rental capable of performing a 500-ton hoist, the fleet from Stampede Crane and Rigging has the hoisting equipment and experience in technical planning to help get the job done.

Construction Crane Rentals from Stampede Crane and Rigging

Stampede Crane and Rigging has the best incident-free record in the industry due to its culture of safety and zero-tolerance policy for unsafe operating practices. All crane rentals are backed by the support of a team of experienced operators, strategists, and riggers to ensure that every operation runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Careful planning goes into each construction crane rental to ensure that the right equipment goes out for the job at hand. Whether the task is as simple as a pick-up and delivery of materials needed at a jobsite or as complex as material placement for an industrial build, the trained and experienced operators from Stampede Crane and Rigging can make sure that the hoisting operation goes off without a hitch.

To find out more about how we can assist with material hoists for construction, or if you would like to learn about any of our many mobile crane services or rentals, please contact Stampede Crane and Rigging at the location nearest you or fill out a contact form on our website and we will get back to you.