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We are currently hiring for a variety of positions within our organization. We would love to receive your applications through our Careers System.

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Mobile Cranes for Rent in Lethbridge

Mobile Cranes | Jun 20 / 19

Lethbridge is one of Alberta’s industrial and commercial hubs and the city facilitates a vast array of industries. Whether you work in Lethbridge’s booming fields for construction, wind energy, transportation, oil, or agriculture, there are many options for mobile crane rentals to help make jobs more efficient. At Stampede Crane and Rigging, we provide mobile cranes for rent in Lethbridge and its surrounding areas, and our fleet of cranes has helped clients with projects across Southern Alberta.

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Types of Mobile Crane Rentals for Lethbridge

Different types of mobile cranes will be necessary depending on the type of work needing to be done. If you have an operation that requires hoisting expertise in the Lethbridge area, make sure that you contact the technical service centre at Stampede Crane and Rigging so that you get the exact crane that the job requires. Some of the types of mobile crane rentals that we, at Stampede Crane and Rigging, offer our Lethbridge clients include:

What are some of the benefits of renting a mobile crane?

Hydraulic All-Terrain Cranes

All-terrain cranes offer the advantage of being able to traverse on both public roads and rough, unpaved jobsites. This is incredibly useful for industries that have jobsites located outside of the Lethbridge city limits, such as wind farms or agricultural facilities. Many types of hydraulic all-terrain cranes are able to lift massive amounts of weight, making them useful in all kinds of industries.

Picker Trucks

If a job requires quick service for the delivery, hoisting, and moving of materials, picker truck rentals provide an excellent solution. This type of mobile crane is most often used for placing construction materials in the Lethbridge area.

Rough Terrain Cranes

Rough terrain cranes are designed to be able to maneuver in tight spaces and over difficult landscapes, which makes them ideal for Lethbridge construction sites on underdeveloped land or when it is necessary to move materials in close quarters. The heavy-duty outriggers, 4-wheel drive and steering, and large lift capacities allow these mobile cranes to be useful for a wider variety of projects than a standard truck crane.

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Crawler Cranes

With heavy-duty treads, high lift capacities, and far-reaching booms, crawler cranes are one of the most useful types of cranes for Lethbridge jobsites with slick or unstable terrain. Although these cranes are extremely useful and stable on any jobsite, they require specialized transportation, as they are not able to drive on public roads.

If you are looking for more information about mobile cranes for rent in Lethbridge, or if you would like to learn about any of the mobile crane services from Stampede Crane and Rigging, please contact us at the location nearest you or fill out a contact form on our website and we will get back to you. We have a long history of serving clients throughout Southern Alberta.