We are currently hiring for a variety of positions within our organization. We would love to receive your applications through our Careers System.

We are currently hiring for a variety of positions within our organization. We would love to receive your applications through our Careers System.

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How to Choose a Crane Provider

Crane Rentals | Nov 9 / 21

From construction and wind energy to HVAC and agriculture, there are many industries that can benefit from the power and versatility of mobile cranes. If your project requires the use of a mobile crane rental, you will need to partner with a reliable provider to ensure that you are getting the best solution for your…

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Which Type of Mobile Crane is Right for You?

Mobile Cranes | Oct 13 / 21

Mobile cranes are a popular choice for a variety of industries due to their unmatched versatility. With so many types of mobile cranes available, it can be difficult to determine which option is the best fit for your project. While it is important to understand the differences between each type of mobile crane, it is…

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The Benefits of Renting a Mobile Crane

Mobile Cranes | Aug 12 / 21

Mobile cranes provide the versatility, power, and reliability required for demanding lifts in a variety of industries. Whether you are working in construction, HVAC installation, or wind energy applications, there is a mobile crane that can help you get the job done right. Though there are a variety of mobile cranes available, many operations are…

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The Importance of Lift Planning

Mobile Cranes | Jul 15 / 21

Crane lifting operations are intricate, complex, and, at times, difficult. To ensure that every lift is performed efficiently and safely, a comprehensive lift plan must be completed before operating a mobile crane. Every project and job site are completely different, so no two plans will be the same. As leading providers of high-quality rentals for…

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Suitable Industries for Mobile Cranes

Mobile Cranes | Jun 10 / 21

When it comes to versatility and maneuverability, mobile cranes are second to none. Whether your site requires a hydraulic all-terrain model, a picker truck, or a crawler crane, mobile cranes can help you get the job done right. As leading providers of mobile cranes, the team at Stampede Crane & Rigging understands the importance of…

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What is the Maximum Reach of a Mobile Crane?

Mobile Cranes | May 6 / 21

When choosing a mobile crane for your operation, many specifications and site requirements must be considered. Understanding your capacity, reach, and terrain requirements will enable you to choose the ideal mobile crane for your site. Among the specs of a mobile crane, maximum reach is one of the most important capabilities to consider. Knowing what…

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Crane Rentals for Bridge Construction and Maintenance

Crane Rentals | Apr 13 / 21

Though commonly used for the construction of large buildings, cranes are also a vital part of bridge construction and upkeep. At Stampede Crane & Rigging, we provide a full selection of mobile crane rentals for bridge construction and maintenance. This allows us to provide you with the perfect rental(s) for your specific site requirements and…

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Picker Truck Uses in Lethbridge

Mobile Cranes | Mar 18 / 21

Picker trucks are one of the most versatile cranes on the market. Also known as knuckle boom or folding boom cranes, these units are attached to the back of a large truck that allows for exceptional portability and maneuverability. Their configuration allows for versatile and effective handling of many materials in nearly any environment. Our…

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When Should You Use a Rough Terrain Crane?

There are many different types of mobile cranes that specialize in different settings and hoisting operations. One of the most popular types of cranes that are used on unstable ground for quick maneuvers is the rough terrain crane. At Stampede Crane & Rigging, we provide a variety of sizes and types of rough terrain cranes…

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How to Save Money on Crane Rentals in Calgary

There are many different factors that influence the cost of a crane rental for a job in the Calgary area. The type of crane being used, the amount of time it is needed, additional services required, the job location, and many other factors all influence the cost of a crane rental. If you are hoping…

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