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Operator Safety Standards for Mobile Cranes

Crane Safety, Mobile Cranes | Sep 19 / 19

At Stampede Crane and Rigging, we know that mobile cranes can be incredibly useful pieces of equipment when handled properly, so we ensure that all of our cranes and operators meet various safety standards that keep every job we undertake running efficiently and safely. Our commitment to safety has helped us to build an excellent safety record and set out rigorous operator safety standards for mobile crane use.

Safety Culture at Stampede Crane and Rigging

The highest priority of any hoisting operation should always be the safety of all individuals present on and around a jobsite. At Stampede Crane and Rigging, our commitment to exceeding all health, safety, and environmental standards has helped us to cultivate a culture of safety through our Incident and Injury Free safety program. This safety culture focuses on each individual’s behaviour and relationships in order to create a stronger, better, more caring and careful group dynamic that focuses on efficiency and care for each job.

Mobile Crane Operator Safety Standards

As a crane operator, there are a variety of safety standards that need to be observed on a daily basis in order to contribute to a culture of jobsite safety. Some of these standards include the following:

  • Ensuring the load does not exceed the mobile crane’s limits
  • Knowing and following directions from a signaller
  • Never carrying a load over a person
  • Never leaving a suspended load unattended
  • Using guide ropes properly
  • Raising a load vertically whenever possible
  • Never allowing personnel to ride on the hoist
  • Ensuring that all hydraulic functions are properly operating before lifting a load
  • Monitoring fuel levels and refueling when necessary
  • Keeping the crane cab clear of clutter and hazards
  • Inspecting the crane and its surrounding environment daily before operating it and keeping a log of inspections in the crane
  • Never using a mobile crane that has not been approved for use by an engineer
  • Following the proper procedures when leaving the crane unattended

If you are interested in finding out more about operator safety standards for mobile cranes, or if you would like to learn about any of the mobile crane services from Stampede Crane and Rigging, please contact us at the location nearest you to talk to any of our educated staff or fill out a contact form on our website and we will get back to you.