Crane News - Rough Terrain Cranes

Boom Trucks vs. Rough Terrain Cranes

Knowing the benefits and uses of various types of mobile cranes can help you to know which piece of equipment you will need for your upcoming hoisting operation. At Stampede Crane and Rigging, we provide various types of cranes for all types of industries, and some of our most commonly used cranes include boom trucks…

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Rough Terrain Crane Advantages

There are many different types of mobile cranes that can be rented to aid in a hoisting operation, and each type is designed to be optimized for certain circumstances. When looking for a mobile crane rental, knowing the benefits and capabilities of each type of crane can ensure that you get the right tool for…

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What is a Rough Terrain Crane?

When a project requires the lifting and moving of heavy materials on both paved surfaces and rough or uneven ground, a rough terrain crane is an excellent solution. We, at Stampede Crane & Rigging, know how useful rough terrain cranes can be to a variety of industries. We offer rentals for rough terrain cranes, as…

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