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Stampede Crane & Rigging – Stampede Week Pancake Breakfast

Announcements | Sep 26 / 13

Stampede Breakfast

This year’s Stampede breakfast was again a fantastic event. Over 300 people attended the breakfast. We even had some random community people show up because they saw the man basket rides from the streets. We had many people attend and no one was disappointed.

The highlight of the breakfast was the 310’ man basket ride in one of the two 250 ton cranes. Visitors also had the privilege of hopping in the seat of the 75 ton crane to try their hand at crane operation. Ray and Glen stood by instructing people on what the controls meant, and were there to monitor all the rookies they had in the yard operating cranes. Ray really helped educate me on the details of how a hydraulic crane works, and was incredibly patient as I maneuvered around the tire obstacle course with the load. It sure makes me appreciate the level in which most of our operators have to perform their jobs, day in and day out. Hopefully the staff at Eagle West will open up this fun at the BC location soon!

During the breakfast, Stampede’s Care ran a 50/50 draw and raised over $900.00, with $557.00 going to support the flood relief victims.

Stampede’s staff, Ray, Colin, Ed, Barb, Marcia, Elvin and all put on a great breakfast. It was my first ever Stampede breakfast and the hospitality was amazing.

If anyone is ever in the Calgary area during Stampede week, I highly recommend that you take in the hospitality of the Calgary Stampede crew and enjoy a fantastic morning of breakfast and cranes. What more could you ask for?

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