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We are currently hiring for a variety of positions within our organization. We would love to receive your applications through our Careers System.

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Suitable Industries for Mobile Cranes

Mobile Cranes | Jun 10 / 21

When it comes to versatility and maneuverability, mobile cranes are second to none. Whether your site requires a hydraulic all-terrain model, a picker truck, or a crawler crane, mobile cranes can help you get the job done right. As leading providers of mobile cranes, the team at Stampede Crane & Rigging understands the importance of having the right unit for the job. That is why our experts have compiled some information on how mobile cranes can be used, including their suitable applications and the specific jobs they can handle.

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What Industries are Mobile Cranes Used in?

Mobile cranes are used in a variety of industries to hoist, transport, and place large materials. Some of the industries that utilize mobile cranes include:


Construction sites are one of the most common locations for a mobile crane. Whether you choose a picker truck, crawler crane, or rough-terrain crane, mobile cranes deliver reliable power and unmatched maneuverability, even on difficult surfaces like mud or gravel. In addition to their terrain traversal capabilities, mobile cranes are compact and easy to reposition, allowing them to perform lifts in locations that large tower cranes cannot. Each unit also features rapid setup and is transported as one complete unit, reducing idle time and allowing personnel to get to work quickly. Mobile cranes can be used on construction sites to place heavy materials, lift concrete walls for tilt-up projects, and handle roofing materials.

What safety steps should be taken before operating a mobile crane?

Wind Energy

Wind towers can be exceptionally difficult to assemble due to their height and the terrain around them. Most wind towers are constructed in fields or elevated areas, making them a poor choice for conventional tower cranes or self-erecting cranes. In addition to powerful lifting capacities and terrain capabilities, cranes need to be able to lift large turbines and other materials to great heights. Mobile cranes can meet and exceed these demands, making them the ideal choice for wind farms and energy operations.

What are the advantages of renting a rough terrain crane?


Mobile cranes are a great choice for the installation of HVAC units. Due to their weight and size, HVAC units can be difficult to hoist and place, especially in crowded work environments with limited space and numerous overhead obstacles. By using a mobile crane, a series of rooftops can be loaded/unloaded with all the equipment that needs to be installed, optimizing efficiency.

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