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Stampede Crane and Rigging has the training and expertise needed to take on any project that requires hoisting. Every project taken on by the TNT family of companies, will be given the focus and attention to detail necessary to carry out the project safely and efficiently.


Specialized Lifting

Stampede Crane and Rigging understands that not all hoisting can be done using the combinations of standard slings and shackles. If a project requires the fabrication of rigging or attachments that are not commonplace in industry, Stampede Crane will work alongside engineers to develop solutions to get the project completed.


Showcasing Talent

Every employee at Stampede Crane takes pride in their equipment and takes pride in their contributions to our customers' success. This pride is responsible for developing the professional and reliable reputation that Stampede Crane is known for throughout all of Alberta. Customers are able to rest easy with the utmost peace of mind when they know that Stampede Crane and Rigging is on site.

Technical Service Centre Benefits

You can benefit from:

  • Complete service with one call
  • Engineered 3D lift drawings and plans
  • Pre-planning process, reducing your risk and improving the project’s effectiveness
  • Efficient workforce, saving you money

All resulting in less stress for your project – to make your problems our problems, submit a quote request or call toll-free at 1-855-548-8117 for Southern Alberta or 1-877-571-5711 in Calgary.

Technical Service Centre Services

  • Pre-planning: 3D lift drawings/plans of crane abilities
  • Acquiring city and road permits
  • Arranging traffic control for job site
  • Freight of materials/units to location
  • Rigging services
  • 24 hour on-call dispatch
  • Diversified Fleet

Our Crane Planning Centre provides you with complete service from start to finish for your next project. Planning, prep-work and execution, all cared for with one call, allowing you to focus on what you do best. Have your project operate efficiently with the support of our planning team.

With years of combined experience and planning some of Alberta’s biggest lifts, you can benefit from Stampede Crane’s practical knowledge and established relationships within the lifting industry. Stampede Crane also provides you with a tradition of safety and outstanding customer service.