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We are currently hiring for a variety of positions within our organization. We would love to receive your applications through our Careers System.

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The Benefits of Renting a Mobile Crane

Mobile Cranes | Aug 12 / 21

Mobile cranes provide the versatility, power, and reliability required for demanding lifts in a variety of industries. Whether you are working in construction, HVAC installation, or wind energy applications, there is a mobile crane that can help you get the job done right. Though there are a variety of mobile cranes available, many operations are torn between purchasing a dedicated unit or renting a crane every time they need one. As leading providers of mobile cranes, the team at Stampede Crane & Rigging understands how difficult this decision can be. That is why our team has provided some information outlining the benefits of renting a mobile crane to demonstrate why renting is often the better option.

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Why Should you Rent a Mobile Crane Instead of Buying?

While purchasing a crane can be a viable option for some operations, renting provides the following advantages:

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No Maintenance

Mobile cranes require regular maintenance to ensure safe and efficient operation. If a company owns a crane, they are typically responsible for scheduling and paying for maintenance. With a mobile crane rental, the rental company handles all routine and emergency maintenance. This eliminates the possibility of unexpected repair costs, allowing for total peace of mind.

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Total Flexibility

Some operations may need to handle a variety of materials and deal with different types of terrain during the same project. In a situation like this, a single crane may not be able to get the job done. Renting a mobile crane allows you to choose from a variety of different units and select the best possible fit for the task at hand. This unit can then be swapped out if needed, allowing for total flexibility based on your project requirements.

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Consistent Costs

The cost of purchasing a crane, maintaining it, and training operators can quickly add up over time, reducing your return on investment. Your costs can also fluctuate every month, making it difficult to accurately track your operating expenditures. With a mobile crane rental, you get the equipment you need at a fixed monthly cost that is easy to track and budget for.

No Need for Storage

Storing a mobile crane between projects can be a hassle, especially for exceptionally large units. In many cases, you will need to pay for a storage area, further increasing costs. When you choose a mobile crane rental, you are eliminating this issue as the unit will be retrieved once the job is done.

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To learn more about the benefits of renting a mobile crane, get in touch with the experts at Stampede Crane & Rigging. We can be reached through our online contact form and will work with you to deliver the perfect solution for your project.