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What is a Picker Truck Used For?

Boom Trucks, Cranes | Aug 30 / 19

Picker trucks, also known as knuckle boom or folding boom cranes, have are one of the most adaptable types of mobile cranes. At Stampede Crane and Rigging, our fleet of picker trucks have capabilities and specifications that are suited for numerous industries. Whether you work in construction, agriculture, oil and energy, or any other field that requires delivery, hoisting, and moving for heavy materials, knowing what a picker truck is used for can be extremely beneficial.

Different Picker Truck Uses

Due to their compact, versatile nature, picker trucks can be used for a wide range of hoisting operations, as well as delivering materials for all kinds of industries.

Picker Trucks as Material Hoists

If a job requires heavy material to be hoisted and placed, picker trucks are often an excellent option. The boom on the picker truck operates as a small crane with the capability to lift loads to great heights. There are many different types and sizes of picker trucks, and the size of the load being lifted will make a difference in the type of picker truck required for the job. Picker trucks are able to travel on roads and set up onsite more quickly than many other types of mobile cranes, making them a popular option for hoisting operations.  The ability of their boom to fold like a knuckle gives an advantage of being able to fit into more compact areas.

Picker Trucks for Material Delivery

Because many picker trucks have a large flatbed deck, they are often used for the delivery and precise placement of materials. Building supplies for construction companies or farming equipment is often delivered by picker truck. The ability of the truck to load and unload itself means that less equipment will be required to complete the job.

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