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What is Rigging in Construction?

In order to make the best decisions on any jobsite about what is needed to accomplish a lifting operation, it is useful to have a solid understanding of what is included in the realm of rigging in construction. At Stampede Crane and Rigging, our team of hoisting professionals have experience with planning, preparing, and executing lifts throughout Calgary and Southern Alberta.

What is Construction Rigging?

Rigging in construction can mean two different things; the term “rigging” can refer to the act of setting equipment and materials up to be lifted, and it can also be the term used to define the apparatus by which something is lifted. Rigging is used on most construction sites to move and place materials and the rigging process can be customized according to the needs of each site. Because rigging involves the lifting and moving of heavy objects, it is always best to enlist the assistance of an experienced rigging professional to avoid incidents. A rigging professional will know exactly what equipment needs to be used and the best procedures for executing a lift.

Construction Rigging Professionals

Rigging can be complicated and there are many variables to consider when setting up a rigging or hoisting operation. A construction rigging professional will know all about the different ways to rig a load to be lifted and will have an understanding of the types of rigging equipment. An experienced construction rigger will be able to avoid accidents on a jobsite due to dropped loads or mishandled equipment. They will know the proper procedures for inspecting equipment and can plan out lift operations, attain any required permits, manage risks, and operate all machinery.

Rigging Equipment and Cranes

Equipment used for construction site rigging can include a vast array of gear, including shackles, chains, slings, anchors, spreader bars, and much more. In any operation that involves a crane to lift materials, rigging equipment is used to secure the load and attach it to the crane.

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